International Students

Your student visa may restrict the number of hours you can work while you’re studying in Sydney, Australia. You can find out more about visa requirements at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Here are our 6 tips to international students:

  1. Don’t accept to work for free or be paid less: You need to be paid for all hours you work in money (not goods or services).
  2. Be careful of unpaid internships that are not organised and observed by your education provider for course credits.
  3. Should get the same pay and conditions as Australian employees.
  4. Must get a payslip that indicates how much you were paid, the hours you worked and how much tax was taken out.
  5. Keep a record of how many hours you work each day/week/fortnightly so you know how much you should be paid.
  6. Need any more advice, help or support you can call the Fair Work infoline on 13 1394.

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