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At New Era Institute our goal is to help people grow and develop the skills they need to reach their dreams.

Highly qualified academic team with a varied background of industry experience

Students are given individual attention and one to one support

Courses fully accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework

Stimulating and supportive student centred learning environment

Learning resources highly developed and constantly updated

Academic and personal counseling


At New Era Institute, we not only focus on growing your academic potential but your personal growth in areas such as leadership, team player, and enhanced creativity. We design our courses to get you involved in work applied to learn for developing business leaders.

Leaving home to study overseas means you’ll be exploring a new place, making new friends, and setting your own priorities. You’re going to face big changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and challenging.

At New Era Institute, we provide full support and meaningful interaction. Almost all our staff have been international students in Australia and understand your challenges.

You may be moving to a new place where you’ll know a few people if any.

This is a great opportunity to make new friends and try new things so it’s important to balance having fun with the other parts of your life: studying, staying healthy, and enjoying Sydney’s outdoor activities.

(See the Life in Sydney  section of this website for more information about living in vibrant Sydney)

what is special about us?


Convenient location

With easy access to the local vibrant hub and public transportation (less than 3 minutes walking distance to Burwood trains and buses).

Flexible courses

Courses are delivered up to 6 terms in duration (vary depending on the course – see Courses section of this website)

Easy Group timings

Flexible group timings: day and evening sessions over 6 days.

Reasonable fee structure

Our fees are reasonably structured to suit our students’ budget

Highly qualified trainers

Our trainers and assessors are highly qualified teachers with a strong educational background and wide-ranging industry experience.

Onsite facilities

Educational, Learning resources and onsite facilities such as books/photocopier/printer/scanner are provided.

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