Welcome to New Era Institute


Dear Students,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all our new students.

We believe that our graduates will become resourceful and effective citizens of the future world, community members, national and global leaders. New Era Institute experience will endeavour in preparing students to become meaningful professionals and outstanding business leaders and that is our solemn promise to all our prime stakeholders, our students.

Our progressive view and corporate ethics has evolved our mission to create an expectation for students to apply in and out of classroom learning in ways that have significant and positive impacts on the world. You are now a part of an internationally rich and diverse student community and I encourage you to utilise this experience effectively in meaningful networking that will develop your thinking and enhance your horizon.

We are pleased that you are here and on behalf of New Era Institute, my team and I wish you the very best throughout the academic journey and all the success as you fulfil your academic goals and find your place in the world of successful professionals.

Best wishes and welcome to New Era Institute.

- Nahed Ghassani, Director

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