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Studying at New Era Institute is an alternate pathway to entry into Australian Universities, as they regard prior study as part of their entry criteria.  New Era’s courses have tremendous benefits when you transition to University:

    • You will save on university fees by receiving credits for your nationally recognised studies;
    • You will complete your degree earlier and by doing so avoid repeating content;
    • You eliminate pressure from the university application process by receiving support at New Era Institute;
    • You enhance your competitive edge as an applicant and the prospect of being accepted by the university that you have selected is magnified;
    • You will be able to use the nationally recognised qualification gained at New Era Institute to find suitable work whilst studying at university level to bolster help pay your fees;
    • New Era’s courses will expose you to considerable knowledge and skills of Australian industry practices, which in turn will prepare you for university study; and
    • You will gain sought after a practical experience that boosts your appeal to employers after university graduation.

New Opportunities for New Era Institute’s Early Childhood Education and Care and Leadership and Management students with Southern Cross University (SCU).

SCU provides a range of vocational education and training (VET) pathways to their university from some Nationally accredited VET courses and qualifications within discipline related Australian Training Packages.

Southern Cross University has agreed to accept students who qualify to enter particular university programmes after completing the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course at New Era Institute.

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At SCU, standard credit amounts are awarded into discipline related (cognate) SCU courses, as prescribed by the SCU Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure – Schedule 1.

SCU generally awards:

    • Certificate IV – 4 units (six months) of credit; and
    • Diploma – 8 units (one year) of credit.

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